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In May and August of your school year, your teachers will send out a notice about auditions for the North Texas Children’s Choir.

You will sign up to audition on a certain day, and your music teacher at your school will audition you. All auditions are the same in every school. After auditions, your teacher will evaluate your total score. He or she will also take into consideration your willingness to work hard, commitment to after-school rehearsals, and your positive attitude. Each school may choose 12 singers. Once chosen, the teacher will give you a schedule of rehearsals, you and your parents will sign a letter of commitment, and then your concert season begins!



NTCC is NOT affiliated with any school.  This is an after school program offered through North Texas Metroplex Children's Choirs (NTMCC) working jointly with the music teachers in the schools.  The teachers are offering their time as volunteers to make this a truly remarkable experience for all the children



2019/2020 NTCC Information


Welcome to the 2019/2020 season of North Texas Children's Choir!  Once you have auditioned and have been offered a position in the choir, please return to this page and select the link below for accepted students.  This link will bring you to a page to complete your online registration/waiver forms and payment.


Registration information for accepted students click HERE


  • The fee is a one time payment of $100 payable at time of registration
  • Registration and payment must be completed NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 30!!.  This is important so that all the children's names are in the program!





  • Once your child is acceped into the program, you will receive an email from NTMCC welcoming you to the North Texas Children's Choir.  
  • These emails include important information about NTCC, things to know, concert information and links



  • The website always contains up to date information on NTCC.  Find the NTCC along the top menu and from the drop down menu select team ntcc
  • The website also contains links to registration forms and concert information



  • The calendar is always the most up to date information.  
  • Click HERE for link to the calendar


Contact Us

  • If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us... we are here to help!