The vision of the North Texas Children’s Choir is to provide elementary- aged children of North Texas with a choral musical experience that exceeds the daily classroom setting.  This is achieved by selecting challenging repertoire and performing in a venue of professional quality with a professional guest conductor.


The North Texas Children's Choir, formerly the Metroplex Children's Choir, began in 1995 as a simple dream.  The dream was for elementary-aged childen to have an enriching experience outside the traditional choral music classroom.
Seeds of beauty, culture, and joy are sown in the hearts of children as the choir sang music from around the world.  With 20 different schools and over 200 children singing annually at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, the dream came alive.
Throughout the years, over 4,500 children have taken part in this audtion process and festival concert.  It provides children with a challenge and a chance to grow musically, socially as they meet new friends, and emotionally as hearing older choirs/ensembles helps to visualize their future in music.



Our children come from 20 different schools throughout the North Texas area - Plano, Prosper, Denton, Krum, Roanoke, Richland Hills and Wortham.  Any child from these districts may audition for a place in the North Texas Children's Choir.  Each school may bring up to 12 auditioned singers. All singers are aud itioned on the same music and technical skills by their choir teachers.  Singers have weekly rehearsals with their teachers after school, then three area rehearsals, and finally the first rehearsal as a complete choir the day before the performance with the guest conductor..

The first rehearsal as a full choir is at the Charles Eisemann Center for Performing Arts in Richardson, Texas on the Friday before the Saturday performance. The final rehearsal and performance are held the following day at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas.






The NTCC year at a glance...


In May and August of your school year, your teachers will send out a notice about auditions for the North Texas Children’s Choir.

You will sign up to audition on a certain day, and your music teacher at your school will audition you. All auditions are the same in every school. After auditions, your teacher will evaluate your total score. He or she will also take into consideration your willingness to work hard, commitment to after-school rehearsals, and your positive attitude. Each school may choose 12 singers. Once chosen, the teacher will give you a schedule of rehearsals, you and your parents will sign a letter of commitment, and then your concert season begins!

In September of each year, an orientation/workshop is provided by the NTMCC organization for the participating NTCC teachers/conductors. Over 400 conductors have attended these NTCC workshops. 

Students from each school are selected to perform in the current year’s festival concert. The work then begins on the part of the students, teachers, and parents. It is the effort of this team that makes the concert and this “dream” so successful.  The students rehearse weekly with their teachers and then all the students come together in February for the Festival rehearsal and performance.

Without the dedication and love from our teachers, the North Texas Children’s Choir would have a very different face. The teachers that you see on concert day are some of the most dedicated in our business. They have undertaken the task of more rehearsals and extra time spent outside the classroom to insure that the vision of the North Texas Children's Choir continues.