Their Singing & Their Songs




Children were born to sing.  We were all given heartstrings.  Some people play the heartstrings and some listen with them.  When children come together and join their voices to each other, and balance and blend their voices with one another, a special bond is formed.

In choral music we must be strong and know our parts as individuals, yet blend, listen, and support the other singers. Our goal in this game is to score as a unit, as one choir with many parts.

Our technique as individuals and as a choir is essential for our communication, but our desire and purpose is to connect from our hearts to the hearts of our audience. When we achieve this goal, we leave the stage victorious! 

Our songs are specifically chosen to help the singers develop extraordinary musical production. Through the study of diverse music from around the world, our singers have the opportunity to learn about new cultures. We will study the time and place the music was written, what was happening in the world at that time, as well as the composers’ lives.

Our hearts and souls internalize the music as we sing of love, freedom, unity, respect, patriotism, and faith.



Why We Sing...


I sing for TYC because music makes me happy.  When I go to TYC every Monday, my life feels so much easier.  In TYC I can be myself and forget about all the things that stress me out at school, at home and things in general.  That is why I sing for TYC.

Isabel Heen - TYC member, 6th Grade


We sing because it makes us happy and it forms our inner character through beautiful sounds and emotions.  My life has become happier and more joyful since I started and it is my way of getting away and enjoying myself.  When I am going through tough times in my life, I can always count on music to go right, even when it seems like nothing else is.  There are bonds in choir that cannot be created in a laboratory.  The love in the family is pure and it cannot be torn apart by the hardest force in the world.  Music cannot be seen but it is felt by the heart and singing is a gift that will forever be cherished in my heart because of the compassion and light it brings into my life everyday.

Hannah Gonzalez - 7th Grade TYC Member



Why We Teach...


I teach music to inspire, challenge, and grow music in each child's life.  To provide a passion and a loving safe place where all students can succeed and become the best musician they can be.

Laura Burton -  Bethany Elementary, Plano ISD


Why We Lead...


The act of making music as part of a large group is one of the most powerful experiences a human being can realize.  Developing the inherent musicality of each child, early in life, opens the door to a lifetime of such experiences.  It must be part of the school curriculum to ensure that everyone has the confidence to make music throughout his/her life.

Kathy Kuddes - Fine Arts Director, Plano ISD


The TYC Senior Leaders are responsible for a small group that they mentor throughout the year.  These leaders have two meetings a month before choir rehearsal, to discuss issues, concerns and goals.  They are being trained to be responsible for their group in rehearsal and during tours.

Mrs. Ann Smith - Conductor