We have opened registration for next season.  

If you have not yet auditioned, please complete the registration form and we will be in contact with you regarding an audition!

Returning Singers.. you are also required to complete the online registration form!  Use the link below to register!




We plan to start in person rehearsals Monday September 14th! We will be following appropriate safety protocol:

We will lysol everything down before and after rehearsal
We will have hand sanitizer but you can also bring your own.
Masks will be worn
We will have face shields
We will be 6 feet apart
There will be no snack at least for this semester
We will sing in a straight line toward the front



For more information and to join, please click on the appropriate link below


Non-Touring (6th Grade)




Touring (7th-8th grade) 







The TYC focuses on singing high level music, leadership and singing in North Texas in Texas and abroad.  In 2015 the TYC traveled to Ireland, in 2018 to Australia and in 2021 the TYC will tour as an independent choir to Vienna, Salsburg and Budapest.


Why We Lead!


The TYC Sr. Leaders are responsible for a small group that they mentor throughout the year.  These leaders have two meetings a month before choir rehearsal, to discuss issues, concerns and goals.  They are being trained to be responsible for their group in rehearsal and during tours.


Why We Sing!

We sing because it makes us happy and it forms our inner character through beautiful sounds and emotions.  My life has become happier and more joyful since I started and it is my way of getting away and enjoying myself.  When I am going through tough times in my life, I can always count on music to go right, even when it seems like nothing else is.  There are bonds in choir that cannot be created in a laboratory.   The love in the family is pure and it cannot be torn apart by the hardest force in the world.  Music cannot be seen but it is felt by the heart and singing is a gift that will forever be cherished in my heart because of the compassion and light it brings into my life every day.

Hannah Gonzalez - 7th Grade TYC Member






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