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How do I pay tuition?


Do I pay for music?


Is Summer Camp Optional?


Where is the calendar?


What is Rehearsal Schedule?


How can I find my tuition balance due?


How do I post pictures?


How do I find out my tuition balance?


What if I have a question?


How do I update my contact information?


How do I purchase concert tickets?


How do I donate?


Are there scholarships available?


What is the TYC Uniform?



How do I pay tuition?


For the 2020/2021 TYC season, the annual tuition is  $1,050  payable in monthly installments of $105 for the 10 month choir season.  Or a one time payment of $1,050 is due prior to September 1st



Tuition is paid via automatic bank withdrawal on the 5th of the month from Sept 5 to June 5 inclusive.  An automatic withdrawal authorization form was completed as part of the registration process



A Fee of $30 will be invoiced for any NSF 




Do I pay for music?


All music is the property of  NTMCC and is to be returned at the conclusion of the season.  Starting in 2020/2021 season, there will be a $75 music deposit paid at the start of the season.  This money will be refunded in June after the music is returned to NTMCC in good condition.



Is Summer Camp Optional?


Summer Camp is mandatory for all singers.  Please mark the dates in your calendars and plan vacation accordingly.


Saturday August 29, 2020


More details to follow..





Where is the calendar?


There are two options to access the current calendar:


1.  The calendar can be accessed via the link below and also will be included in the weekly emails.  




2. The calendar can be added to your personal calendar


Whether you use apple calendar, microsoft outlook, or other formats, you should be able to subscribe to the calendar.  To "subscribe" means that any changes made on the master calendar will automatically update on your calendar.

Click HERE for instructions on how to subscribe based on your calendar format.


The link below is to be input into the box when requested for the URL.  If you just click on the link, you will "think" that you are subscribed, but in fact it will just add the events as they currently stand and will NOT update!

URL for Calendar:  https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/admin%40ntchoirs.com/private-a90bee012d9b2aaeecd51f6d848a64fb/basic.ics





Where can I find my tuition balance due?


Any questions regarding tuition balance can be directed to accounting@ntchoirs.com






How do I post photos?


If you would like photos/videos to be added to the website and facebook page, please email to admin@ntchoirs.com

Families are encouraged to regularly post photos and video for everyone to share!





Who do I contact with questions?


Questions can either be directed to ann@ntchoirs.com or admin@ntchoirs.com or call 469-301-1718





What if my contact information changes?


If your contact information changes, please complete the change form below:






How do I buy concert tickets?


All tickets will be for sale on the website.  Once tickets go on sale, there will also be a link in the weekly emails.

Click HERE for website page






How do I donate?


We are excited to have  friends and family Partner With Us and support our mission!

 You can support NTMCC:

  1. Partner with us on the website.  On this page of the website, there are many opportunities to donate any amount and you have the ability to make a general donation, or donate to a specific fund.  Click HERE to visit the page!
  2. Purchase tickets to concerts, and encourage family and friends to purchase tickets.  Tickets can be purchased on the website or through facebook
  3. Amazon Smile! Everytime you make a purchase on amazon, you can be supporting the choir.  Send the link to all your family and friends so they too can support the choir while they shop!!  Click HERE for the link to support the choir!





Are there scholarships available?


Please visit our scholarships page of the website for more information.  Click HERE to be directed.





What is the TYC Uniform?


Formal Uniforms are rented from TYC for an annual fee of $100.  

Informal shirts and sweatshirts  are purchased at the beginning of the season for $50 total

The TYC has two styles of uniforms:  Formal and Informal.  Mrs. Smith will advise which uniform is worn at the different concerts.  The informal shirt is always worn to rehearsal!


Girls Formal:  Formal dress is rented.  Each girl is responsible to provide her own black, flat or low heeled, closed-toe shoes.


Girls Informal:  TYC polo shirt.  Each girl is responsible to provide her own black slacks (not leggings or tight pants; if jeans, they must be dark black), black shoes and black belt.




Boys Formal:  White shirt, blue tie and suit which are rented to our singers.  Each boy is responsible to provide his own black shoes, black belt and black socks.


Boys Informal:  TYC polo shirt .  Each boy is responsible to provide his own black slacks (if jeans, they must be dark black), black shoes, black socks and black belt.




The formal uniform is rented annually for a fee of $100 and the informal shirt and sweatshirt are purchased for $50 total.  The $150 will be invoiced to the families at the beginning of the season.  A deposit check of $100 post dated to June 1, 2021 is also required and will be returned to the family when the uniform is received in good condition.





Rehearsals are every Monday 5:45pm - 7:45pm.  Rehearsal times and locations are always posted on the calendar.