2017-2018 Distinguished Perfomers Series


We're happy to introduce a new series called the Distinguished Artist Series in which nationally and internationally recognized artists will perform. In the fall, the American pianist Sean Chen whose transcriptions, improvisations, solo and orchestral performances have been making great impact on the concert scene, will perform on both campuses.

In the spring, get ready to experience art and music gone wild with the interactive troupe Artrageous. A company the likes of which you’ve have never seen, Artrageous blends popular music, dance, onstage performance art, theater, and a rollicking spirit that will delight your senses. Check out a video of what you can expect below!


Cellist David Finckel, formerly of the Emerson String Quartet (and Juilliard Professor), accompanied by Wu Han, will present their own brand of pyrotechnics on March 23 and in April, violist Hong Mei Xiao (first-prize winner of the Geneva International Music Competition) will also grace the UTRGV stage.