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Here, you'll find an archive of E-news, press releases, audition announcements, photo shoots, reviews and feature articles.


June 7, 2017 E-news: Free theatre continues - plus video, photos & reviews
May 25, 2017 E-news: Around the World in 80 Days opens next week - plus summer camps
May 11, 2017 E-news: Save the date for Around the World in 80 Days
Apr 28, 2017 E-news: Last chance for tickets to A Marvelous Party
Apr 21, 2017 E-news: Marvelous Party tickets going fast - plus, meet your crooners
Apr 15, 2017 E-news: A look inside A Marvelous Party
Apr 1, 2017 E-news: Save the date for A Marvelous Party
Mar 31, 2017 Press release: 7th Annual Marvelous Party Promises Some Enchanted Evening
Mar 17, 2017 E-news: Summer theatre camps announced!
Feb 22, 2017 E-news: Last chance to catch An Iliad - plus photos and reviews
Feb 14, 2017 E-news: Opening night! - plus video & special events
Jan 21, 2017 E-news: Save the date for "An Iliad"
Dec 20, 2016 E-news: Last chances to see It's a Wonderful Life
Dec 14, 2016 E-news: It's a Wonderful Life continues, plus hear actual radio broadcast today!
Dec 7, 2016 E-news: Sneak peek: new video and photos of It's a Wonderful Life
Nov 30, 2016 E-news: Opening night! - plus special guests at It's a Wonderful Life
Nov 26, 2016 E-news: It's a Wonderful Life opens Thursday - plus Christmas Towne
Nov 19, 2016 E-news: Early bird savings for It's a Wonderful Life
Nov 5, 2016 E-news: Save the date for "It's a Wonderful Life"
Nov 4, 2016 Press release: It's a Wonderful Life returns to Round Rock stage in original live radio show
Sep 26, 2016 E-news: Murder on the Rails - plus season announcement!
Sep 17, 2016 E-news: Food, fun and forensics - Murder on the Rails
Aug 27, 2016 E-news: Save the date for "Murder on the Rails"
Jul 27, 2016 E-news: Last chance to see "Comedy" - plus video, special guests
Jul 20, 2016 E-news: "Comedy" returns this weekend - plus, on the road
Jul 06, 2016 E-news: "Comedy" opens tomorrow - plus 7 tips to max your free fun
Jul 02, 2016 E-news: Comedy of Errors - opening night this Thursday
Jun 25, 2016 E-news: Comedy of Errors - double the free summer fun
Jun 11, 2016 E-news: Save the date for Comedy of Errors - Free summer theatre
Jun 10, 2016 Press release: Free Summer Theatre Returns to Round Rock with Shakespeare's Quintessential "Comedy"
May 31, 2016 E-news: Last chance to see Clybourne Park - plus video, photos and rave reviews
May 26, 2016 E-news: Clybourne Park opens! - plus opening weekend events
May 02, 2016 Press release: Tony- and Pulitzer-winning Clybourne Park comes to Long Center
Apr 16, 2016 E-news: One more week for tickets to "A Night with Sinatra"
Apr 09, 2016 E-news: A look inside "A Night with Sinatra"
Apr 02, 2016 E-news: Save the date for "A Marvelous Party: a night with Sinatra"
Apr 01, 2016 Press release: Sixth Annual Marvelous Party Swings to the Sounds of Sinatra
Mar 19, 2016 E-news: Go beyond the ordinary with summer theatre camps