Singer Songwriter Listening Room Series
Winter/Spring 2020

We love music, and music-lovers appreciate the unique experience a listening room environment offers.  A listening room is a space set aside solely for experiencing music. No dart boards, no pool tables.  A dedicated auditory experience.  Now Decatur has one: The Redstone Federal Credit Union Loft @ the Princess Theatre.  Sit on a couch and listen like you might in your living room. Sit at a table and enjoy a drink with friends while you take in the sound. 

Pre-sale tickets go on sale December 12th. Series passes are on sale December 20th.

Individual Ticket Sales will be available for purchase as of January 1st. You can book these through the website ( or call the box office at 256-350-1745.

January 9th: Chuck Hawthorne


Austin songwriter Chuck Hawthorne releases the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2015 debut, Silver Line...the long awaited full length album, Fire Out Of Stone. Stories of Hawthorne’s military career and his chance meeting with Silver Line producer Ray Bonneville may have originally drawn listeners to his music, but songwriting enthusiasts worldwide soon recognized the strength of the songs and voice of Chuck Hawthorne. Since his emergence in the songwriting world, Chuck has toured non-stop in the US and Europe. Along the way, he has built a loyal fan base and a reputation as a “songwriter’s songwriter.”





February 13th: Payton Taylor and William Michael Morgan

Payton Taylor grew up in South Jersey and developed an “old soul” through listening to her grandfather’s favorite records as a child. In 2013, Payton convinced her family to make the move to Music City, where she’s continued to develop her soulful sound as a country music singer-songwriter. Payton was featured as an artist on American Idol after  appearing   only to accompany her younger sister on acoustic guitar. After hearing Payton’s rendition of “Angel From  Montgomery,” the judges’ suspicions were confirmed and both sisters were offered their own golden ticket.  Her performance was featured by Good Morning America, Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, Taste of Country,  and Sounds Like Nashville.


William Michael Morgan has only just arrived in his mid-twenties, but with a love of country music deeper than The Big River itself, the Mississippi native is the very definition of an old soul. His pristine Southern vocal, timeless sound and honest lyric represents a new generation of hit-makers in Music City- modern day descendants of artists like Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, and George Strait.

After signing his major-label deal at the age of 19, Morgan began by hitting the top of the radio charts, landing at No. 1 on Mediabase with the Gold-certified “I Met a Girl.” He then released an acclaimed EP and earned a Billboard Top 5 with his 2016 album debut, Vinyl. He has performed more than 50 times on the Grand Ole Opry and was featured by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum as a highlighted artist in the 2017 American Currents exhibit.





March 12th: Travis Meadows

 An orphan who turned into a preacher 
A preacher who turned into a songwriter 
A songwriter that turned into a drunk 
A drunk that is learning to be a human being 

Travis Meadows spent years trying to escape himself. He’s anything but selfish, so he’d find a way to get away––a bottle, a bag, a sermon––and he’d share it with everyone. That was then. Now, Meadows isn’t trying to get anybody lost or high. Instead, he’s trying to get every single one of us to settle in deeply to ourselves––and love what’s there. 


April 9th: Aaron Raitiere

Aaron Raitiere (Ray-Tee-Air)  is a lyricist, performer, and visual artist from Central Kentucky. He is highly sought after in the Nashville songwriting community for his unique ability tot coax coherent and focused creative output from his co-writers. Raitiere is a recent Grammy nominee for his song “I’ll Never Love Again” performed by Lady Gaga in the movie “A Star is Born.” He has also successfully collaborated with artists such as Anderson East, Foy Vance, The Oak Ridge Boys, Robert       Randolph, Whiskey Myers, Montgomery Gentry, Miranda Lambert, Brent Cobb, Ashley Monroe, Randy Rogers, Ashley McBryde, Lori McKenna, Shooter Jennings, Natalie Hemby, Ed Sheeran, Avicci, Bob Weir, and many others.


May 14th: Wilson Brothers Band

Billboard recording artist Wilson Brothers Band has had success with the release of their first album including a debut at #1 on CMT 12 Pack with “It All Looks Good From Here” as well as currently on the Billboard Country Charts, the Music Row Country Charts, and #1 on the Cranked Up Country top 25 Chart with their latest single “Loving You Loving on Me”. Fronted by two brothers, Kyle and Chad Wilson, one listen and you will see why they were the CMT artist on the rise spotlight artist to watch. Smooth harmonies and soulful lyrics, these two guys will take you to places with the stories in their songs!


June 11th: Adam Wakefield

Think “New Hampshire” and let the images flow. Cozy inns. Fireplaces. Vivid colors of fall. Crisp, clean air. Deep blue lakes. Searingly honest songs, laced now and then by irony or heartache or weighted by weary wisdom. Vocals that jolt these lyrics to life with a unique immediacy and intensity. Wait a minute. You won’t find that last part in any travel brochure. But on his upcoming debut album for Average Joes, Gods and Ghosts , Adam Wakefield proves it’s not where you come from that counts. It’s where you’re going and how you get there — which, in his case, is on the wings of undeniable talent.What makes Wakefield different? First, it’s his varied roots: Memphis soul, rock ’n’ roll, New Orleans funk, even jazz and classical, pre-bro country — pretty much all music that speaks from the heart. In terms of genre, he follows no rules, though one resolution does govern what Wakefield wants to achieve: If it doesn’t have a conscience, if it’s afraid of risk or candor, then he’s not interested.

Wakefield is that rare singer and songwriter who can bridge the personal and the universal, who can sadly laugh and softly ache through an uncommonly poetic lyric and performance. What accounts for his achievement? Maybe we should start at the place where he grew up, a small college town in the care of  parents whose example encouraged him to imagine and explore.

Opportunity struck when a scout for The Voice heard him play at Soulshine Pizza and invited him to audition. By the time he made it to the finals of Season 10, America had gotten the word about who Adam Wakefield is and what he has to offer. Working independently, he hit the top of the iTunes chart with “Lonesome, Broken and Blue,” the original song he performed during the season finale for The Voice .

He also aced one of Nashville’s most challenging gigs when the SteelDrivers asked him to sit in for their lead singer Gary Nichols, who was taking some time off. “Honestly, it made me a better singer,” he insists. “And it helped me write better too. A few of songs on Gods and Ghosts come from that period. One of their songs, ‘Peacemaker,’ specifically inspired the droning lick I put at the beginning of ‘Shoot Me Where I Stand.’”

All of these experiences — on the road, in the studio, in writing rooms and on national TV — play into Wakefield’s artistry. “I’m not saying I’ve had a hard life,” he says. “But when I write songs about somebody dying or trying to get sober, these are experiences I’ve had. The more you wear your heart on your sleeve as a writer, the better the tunes seem to turn out. That’s what John Prine, Jamey Johnson and people in that vein do. That’s where I want to go with what I do.”





Past Artists Include the Following: 

Summer/Fall 2017

Shannon Lawson
Angela Hacker and James LeBlanc
Rob Aldridge and Rob Malone
Jarrod Barrier and Rick Brantley
Scott Mulvahill
Nicki Talley and Jason Sharp

Winter/Spring 2018

Davis Nix and Kyle Wilson
Janelle Arthur and Jeff Hodge
Kristy Lee
Chris Canterbury and Adam Hood
Debbie Bond and Radiator Rick
Shonna Tucker and BIlly Don Burns

Summer/Fall 2018
Jill Kinsey and Lottie Moore
Ricky j. Taylor and Mudbone
Hannah Thomas and Tim Tucker
Evan Walker and Albert Simpson
Gray Cauthen and John & Chas Williams
The Retrovales and Remy Neal

Winter/Spring 2019

Chris Canterbury and Dave Kennedy
Kalsey Kulyk and Rob Snyder
Travis Meadows
Keller & Cole and Brandon Whyde
Erin Enderlin
Brigitte London and Daryl Wayne Dasher

Summer/Fall  2019

Mitch Mann and Russell Mefford
Kayla Ray and Wade Sapp
Jess Jacoy and David Borne
Emily Daniel and Leith Loftin
Adam Hood
Amy McCarley and NMBR 11