Sharlee Davis


1. How did you first get interested in theatre?

I first got interested in theatre when I landed the coveted role of Cinderella in Mrs. Caldwell's third grade production at Riley School. I distinctly remember having the thought that this was what I wanted to do.



2. What was the first play you appeared in or worked on?

Besides the previously mentioned production, my first real experience was when I was a Sophomore in high school. I was in the cast of Finnian's Rainbow under the direction of Martin Henderson.



3. When did you work at the Red Barn?

Oh, boy, this is a difficult question. I know for sure I was in the first company at the Barn in 1973 and I know I was also there for the 1974 season. I can tell you the shows but as for the exact years after that, things get fuzzy. Maybe someone can help me out with that. Being visually impaired now and hunkering down here alone while we social distance, I have no way of looking through my old scripts and programs. Help! I know it was in the 70's and I am pretty sure it was 4 or 5 seasons.



4. What shows do you most remember?

Oh, I remember them all!! Tobacco Road and The Hot L Baltimore and Cabaret and Gypsy and Damn Yankees and on and on.



5. Where do you live now?

I am living in Bloomington Indiana.



6. What are you doing now career-wise?

I have been singing professionally since 1990. When I found out that I was going to be losing my eyesight due to retinitis pigmentosa, I made the switch from theatre to singing. Not a lot of opportunity for blind actresses! Since around 1992 I have been one half of the duo, Davis and Devitt. We have produced 9 recordings and have had a couple of our songs recorded by artists in Nashville, TN. Until things got shut down due to Covid-19, we were looking forward to another busy year of performance around the state. We continue to write and record during this time and we hope to be able to get back out there soon.



8. Anything else you’d like to share about your life or life at the Red Barn?

I was 16 years old when I first started working at the Barn. The summers I spent there really shaped the person I am today. I learned how to work with people towards a common goal. I learned how to take on responsibility. I learned how to be creative under pressure. I learned a work ethic that has stayed with me through all the jobs I have ever had. I learned the meaning of excellence by watching those around me achieve it on a nightly basis. I remember it all.



9. If someone wanted to follow you or get in touch with you, where could they find you?,



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