Michael Camp

1. How did you first get interested in theatre?
Coming to the Red Barn to watch my Uncle, Rex Camp, in shows was the real catalyst but I can remember being very young and sitting on my Grandma Shurr's lap and watching the movie "South Pacific". She knew all of the songs and would sing along. I think that was what first hooked me!


2. What was the first play you appeared in or worked on?
I worked on crew in Junior High, and as a Freshman at FSHS I did crew on the "Big Broadcast". My Sophomore year I auditioned for "My Fair Lady" and was cast in the ensemble. I had one line, "The horses are leaving the paddocks, Mrs. Higgins." From then, I knew I wanted to be part of this community for the rest of my life.


3. When did you work at the Red Barn?
1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1995


4. What shows do you most remember?
I think "Oklahoma!" will always be one of my favorite memories because I got to be on stage with Uncle Rex! I ran Day Crew for a couple of years and was on the props. I was so proud of the show "Veronica's Room" simply for all of the set decoration and design. It was beautiful. I remember one night in "Whodunnit?", I had a prop camera that my character would use to take pictures of all the murder suspects. I put real film in the camera and actually took each actors pictures. I still have those pictures. "Little Mary Sunshine" was my first real "lead" role. I was very nervous but I loved it!! And in "Brigadoon" I got to actually dance with Kate Otterman!! That was a real treat.


5. Where do you live now?
Chicago, IL


6. What are you doing now career-wise?
For almost the last 20 years I have toured as a Broadway Company Manager. I moved away from being an actor but couldn't imagine not staying in this business! I've toured on shows such as Wicked, Jersey Boys, Fun Home, Riverdance, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and currently What the Constitution Means to Me. I've toured through 48 of the 50 states (Just North Dakota and Hawaii on the check list) , and through Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, and Singapore.


7. Let us know a bit about your family?
I live in Chicago with my husband of over 25 years, Mark David Kaplan, who is an actor. We have toured together some but he also spent 5 years touring the US and Canada playing Zazu in Disney's The Lion King.


8. Anything else you’d like to share about your life or life at the Red Barn?
My time at the Barn is years I wouldn't trade for anything. The lessons I learned were invaluable in life in the theatre. I've laughed and cried with some of the best people in the world in that Green Room! I made life long friends. People, I feel, who are more like family than just friends!


9. If someone wanted to follow you or get in touch with you, where could they find you? 
Facebook (Michael Camp) and Instagram (machoosier2)



Jesus Christ Superstar, 1989     



  Brigadoon, 1990