Steve Richardson

1. How did you first get interested in theatre, what was the first play you remember seeing and what was the first play you participated in?
My interest started with the Jr Miss Program when I was in Jr High school. My Father was very involved with the program and that is what started it all. As soon as I got to high school, I jumped right in. I don't even remember what the first show was that I did.


2. When did you work at the Red Barn? What is your most distinct memory from that time?
I worked at the Red Barn from 1975 thru 1984. The Barn was a remarkable learning environment. A day at the Barn was better than a week in a class room. And this was a time in the Barn history which showed remarkable growth. We add the back section to the house, we built the scene shop, we add the dressing room and green room.


3. What shows do you most remember from your Red Barn days? What moments (on-stage or off) made a specific show memorable?
During that time, there are numerous memories to choose from. But I guess that the most memorable was during the run of THE HASTY HEART. Chris Otterman was the lead, but during the second week he became very ill. Marty reached out to Steve Galvin to fill in for the remaining shows and we started an intense rehearsal. Marty announced to the audience what had happened and let them know that Steve would be carrying a script due to the last minute change. During Steve's second show (second show on Saturday night) he had a line that said "I place ney value in books", and with that line he threw the script to the ground and was off book for the remainder of the run.


4. What theater, film or backstage experience have you had since you worked at the Red Barn?
Since the Red Barn days I have been very active. I was hire as the Lighting Director by a gospel group called "The Bill Gaither Trio" I toured with them for three years before working with dB Sound out of Chicago. During that time I toured with Atlantic Star, Warren Zevon, Weird Al and the Monkees. After that I was offered a job as Lighting Designer and Lighting Director with another gospel artist, "Sandi Patti". I was with Sandi for five years. During that time she allowed me to rent out here production equipment to other touring groups. During those rentals, I had the opportunity to work with artist such as Pat Boone, The Imperials, Larry Carlton and even another tour with the Monkees. When I decided to get off the road I ended up in Branson Missouri and opened a new theater there before heading back to Indiana. I worked at Starlight Musicals until they closed up. Somewhere between the touring years and the Stadium, I also had the chance to be the Prop Man for the third national tour of ANNIE. What a wonderful year that was. I finally landed at the Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome. And now, after 24 years I am still here. Though in 2008 I took over production operations of the newly opened Lucas Oil Stadium.


5. Where do you live now and what are you doing career-wise?
As a result of my work at LOS, and the RCA dome before, I have been lucky to work closely with the COLTS and for the past 15 years I traveling with the team and handle the Coaches Comms and the Coach to Player system (the little speakers in the QB's helmet). I would say that that has been a great side effect with working in the stadium. When the cameras shoot the sideline, you might see me sporting the yellow hat, or standing behind the head coach. I heard almost every play that was called in to Peyton Manning's helmet. The stories I could tell (but won't).


6. Would you like to let us know a bit about your family?
I live in Fishers, IN with my wife and two kids. My son Trevor just graduated from Ball State and My daughter is a freshman at Butler University. I am a member of Local 30 of the IATSE and plan on running out my time at Lucas Oil Stadium until retirement comes.


7. Anything else you’d like to share about your life or life at the Red Barn?
I owe a lot to Marty and the Red Barn. Without my Barn experience, I would not have followed the career path that I did.


8. If someone wanted to follow you or get in touch with you, where could they find you? 
With all of the advance technical gear that I work with, I have remained very low tech in my social media. So, my email is