You Keep Us Growing


Much like a real farm, there’s a lot of yearly upkeep and expense over the winter in order to have a successful “growing season” in the summers. There are many expenses when maintaining a 100-year-old wooden cow barn. From replacing exterior walls, to pouring concrete pads to updating equipment, the upkeep is never-ending.


This year, without ticket revenue from patrons or the usual donations from corporations, it has been more difficult than ever to keep the Red Barn functional until the 2021 season. So we’re asking for your help.


We’re having a fund drive that will last one month—from Today, August 1st until September 1st -- and we’re asking for donations of $25.00.


Maybe you worked at the Barn once upon a time, maybe you’ve attended for decades, or maybe you’re new to the area and just drove out and saw your first performance last year. Maybe you just like the idea that Frankfort has had such a wonderful performance space for over 50 years now. If you do, please support the Red Barn with a tax-deductible gifts of 25 dollars or more.


In return, we’d like to thank you by giving you a Red Barn Summer Theatre t-shirt. It’s an inexpensive way to support the Barn, and we’ll send you one shirt for each donation you make between Aug 1st and Sept 1st.  Free shipping.



To donate, simply click the link below and follow these steps: 


  1. Select $25.00 or other donation amount
  2. Enter t-shirt size in the comments box
  3. Check Out, Confirm & Pay


All donations to the Red Barn are tax-deductable.  Free Shipping.  Deliveries could take up to two weeks to arrive.