From the Red Seats

Introducing long time patron and donor: Elaine Moon


Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
My husband Jeff was born and raised in Frankfort. After we were married we were gone for about 7 years before moving back to Frankfort to live.


When our oldest son Mike was 12 years old, Martin Henderson approached us about him being in a play at the Barn. That play was Shennandoah. Mike appeared in several other plays at the Barn and at the high school. That whetted our youngest son Aaron's appetite for acting and he has had a long career at the high school, then the Barn and at numerous other theatres around the country.


We probably started going to the Barn around 1976. We loved the quality of the shows and the variety of genres. Of course, we also attended the plays at the high school under Martin`s direction and were impressed with the high quality of the productions.


Over the years, we became staunch Red Barn supporters and brought many friends and family members to the shows.


We are hoping that we will be able to get back for many more seasons to come!


Have you ever worked on or performed in a play?
I have not but, my husband Jeff did as well as both of our sons.


When did you first start attending the Red Barn?
I think around 1976.


Who did or do you now attend the Barn with?
I go with family members or friends


What was the first play you saw at the Barn? Who was in it?
I think the first play we saw was Blithe Spirit. I think Jan McGill was in it and Teresa Wainscott.


What is the most unexpected thing you’ve witnessed while attending the Barn shows?
When we saw Jesus Christ Superstar, at the end of the show, after the lights came up, the audience got up and left the theatre and no one said a word. It was amazing! So very moving!


What show was your favorite?
Oh, my goodness! How to choose? Harvey is one of my all time favorite plays. Shennandoah was great and of, course Jesus Christ Superstar. Cabaret and Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum were terrific too!


What performers (or performances) have you enjoyed?
Darin Dahms, Mike Taylor, Ben Tebbe,Chris Otterman, Jim Stark, too many to remember


What play from the past would you like to see the Barn do again?
Cabaret, 1940s Radio Hour


Any other thoughts about the Red Barn and the evenings you’ve spent there over the years?
Almost every play we've seen has given us things to think about that we didn't know we needed to think about. The serious shows helped put a different perspective on relationships, even death and dying. They've showed us the value of people different than ourselves and the need to be tolerant and open minded.