From the Red Seats

Introducing long time patron and donor: Jim Siegfried


Tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
My family is originally from Frankfort. I graduated from Frankfort High Schol in 1955 and Purdue in 1959. After graduation from Purdue, I joined Del Monte as a management trainee, In 1964 I changed jobs and worked the next thirty five years for American States Life Insurance Co in Indianapolis. The week after graduations from Purdue I married Barbara Kitchen. Barb taught English and Spanish at Clinton Central for 44 Years. We both were heavily involved with activities at Purdue. We had two daughters who are married and each have three children.


When did you first start attending the Red Barn?
In 1968 Jan McGill was teaching at Clinton Central and told Barb she was going to be in the second On Stage play, and that we should attend.  We did and never missed a play after that. After Barb’s death I have continue to attend and will as long as I am able.



Who did or do you now attend the Barn with?
We used to go to the Red Barn for entertaining friends, including people from Ohio, Indianapolis, and Lafayette. One special guest couple were Steve and Jane Beering, Purdue's first family. The Beerings loved the theatre and joined us for many years for dinner and a show. Due to the Beerings busy schedule we always gave them first choice when we received the play schedule. On one occasion I gave the schedule to Jane and asked her to talk to Steve and left us know when they could join us. A few minutes later she came up to me and said "I don’t know about Steve but I am coming to No Sex Please We are British." (Jane was originally from England.) They did come and enjoyed the show.


What show was your favorite?
We were entertained by all the shows and enjoyed all the shows.


What performers (or performances) have you enjoyed?
We knew personally many of the early performers and enjoyed seeing them on stage.  Jan McGill has always been one of our favorites and the Otterman family members have been special.


What play from the past would you like to see the Barn do again?
Most of the plays are timeless and I will enjoying seeing any of them again.


Any other thoughts about the Red Barn and the evenings you’ve spent there over the years?
The Red Barn is a special place and Frankfort is fortunate to have it. Barb often told her students there was not a better or cheaper place to take a date than to the Red Barn.