Kathy Bache Miner


1. How did you first get interested in theatre?
High school drama class and plays


2. What was the first play you appeared in or worked on?
Can't remember! Inaugural year of On Stage


3. When did you work at the Red Barn?


4. What shows do you most remember?
Wait Until Dark, Barefoot in the Park (On Stage)


5. Where do you live now?
Fort Collins, Colorado


6. What are you doing now career-wise?
Retired from career in technology; 25 years at Hewlett-Packard & years at other start-up companies


7. Let us know a bit about your family?
Husband Steve Miner was also in On Stage. We became romantic in 1973 when he returned from Army (drafted after college) and I was the first paid employee at Red Barn (scraping cow manure off walls, building risers, painting the barn, acting and directing, etc.) Married in 1974: 2 children, 4 grandchildren. We continue to love hiking and exploring the west!


8. Anything else you’d like to share about your life or life at the Red Barn?
Wonderful memories of so many great friends. Martin and Carol Ann Henderson were major influences on Steve and me.


9. If someone wanted to follow you or get in touch with you, where could they find you? 
Email: kathyminer88@gmail.com