Talon Reed Cooper


1. How did you first get interested in theatre?
Learning about theatre as a child though auditioning at the local youth theatre. I immediately fell in love, it changed my life forever.


2. What was the first play you appeared in or worked on?
Annie Jr. as a kid, Lucky Stiff at the Barn.


3. When did you work at the Red Barn?
Summer 2015 and 2016


4. What shows do you most remember?
The Boys Next Door was very moving for me as a young artist. Performance wise, definitely Urinetown.


5. Where do you live now?
Muncie, IN. I just finished duel degrees in Theatre Direction and Telecommunications (Video Production) at Ball State University! Planning to move to LA in 2021!


6. What are you doing now career-wise?
My goal is to direct films and work in the film industry.


7. Let us know a bit about your family?
My family lives in Frankfort and has my entire life. They’ve always been very supportive about me pursuing entertainment as a career.


8. Anything else you’d like to share about your life or life at the Red Barn?
It was a very pivotal experience. I learned a lot about myself, had the opportunity to work with incredible performers, and created life lasting memories.


9. If someone wanted to follow you or get in touch with you, where could they find you? 
Follow me on Instagram @talonofficial Find more about me and my work at talonreedcooper.com