Mainstage Productions


Our Mainstage Productions provide actors, both young and old, an opportunity to be on our beautiful stage. Two Mainstage Productions are performed each season - one musical and one non-musical. We welcome actors from all around the theatre community to come and join the RTAA family. 


Age ranges vary according to production requirements. Auditions are required. Audition information may change depending on the type of show and parts may be pre-cast at the director's discretion. 


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Titus Andronicus

Adult Shakespeare Series





Titus Andronicus, the celebrated and victorious protector of Rome returns home after a brutal war with the Goths only to be betrayed by those she dedicated her life to protect. Her family murdered, her only son tortured, Titus navigates revenge, rage and sanity in an effort to achieve justice. Tamora and her brothers are brought back from Goth as trophies of war and quickly find themselves in positions of high-power. Taking advantage of their new role, they dismantle everything Titus has fought and protected to survive but to also to exact their revenge. Adapted and Directed By David Blue Garrison. Rated PG-13 for violence, gore and sexual content.



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