T5 is an elite group of talented young men and women, ages 9 to 19, who are selected by audition to represent Roseville Theatre Arts Academy in our community. Troupe members will sing and dance to various themed sets and troupe members will have solo opportunities. T5 members receive advanced technical training and experience and will have many opportunities to develop their talents. The troupe will perform at Roseville Theatre Arts Academy and at many other locations throughout the year. 





We are looking for talented young people, ages 9 to 19, to be the face of RTAA's community outreach. This elite troupe will train weekly with choreographer Cassie March and musical director Jennifer Vaughn and they will perform at special events and community outreach programs. 


If you are a highly motivated performer with a mega-watt personality plus great team spirit, don't miss this opportunity to  further develop your talents! 


Our next audition for T5 will be held sometime in the Fall of 2018, please check back for updates!


Click here for the T5 Registration packet: T5 Registration Packet