Director of Publicity


"Day" Job: As the Creative Director for a software company, and the principal for her namesake design studio, amyjDesigns, Amy keeps busy developing brands, designing for multimedia, and creating campaigns. 


Runway Job: Mirroring her "day job," Amy spends most of her Runway time focused on creatively telling about the magic of Runway Theatre. She is responsible for communication with our patrons and theatrical she would love for you to join the newsletter or follow Runway on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Theatre Experience: Yet another "theatre kid," Amy has been active in community theatre for more years than she's willing to commit to in writing. She's spent as much time backstage as on and has crawled up more trusses than her mother is comfortable knowing about. She met her husband while both were performing in college and since then they've worked as a director/music director combo all over town. Somehow, she’s earned over two dozen directorial credits and played sassy roles like Sisters Leo and Robert Anne in Nunsense, Gloria in Damn Yankees!, and Susan in [title of show], alongside some of her favorite people.


First Runway Experience: Weeks before diving into her masters degree, Amy squeezed in "one more show" at a new theatre (to her) when she directed Runway's Miracle on 34th Street. The people she met drew her in and exactly eleven months later, she celebrated her graduation by attending another Runway show to cheer on people who had become family in the span of a calendar year.


Favorite Line: "Oh if life were made of moments, even now and then a bad one, but if life were only moments, then you wouldn’t know you had one." - Into the Woods


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