Greg Phillips, Theatre Operations


"Day" Job: Data Analyst for United Healthcare


Runway Job: Greg manages to keep the theatre chugging along with his care of the facility. He's a bit of a jack-of-all trades, performing routine maintenance and jumping in to lead major projects like upgrading air-conditioning! He's definitely handy to have around on and off stage!


Theatre experience: Greg has garnered over forty-two years of stage experience, does voice over work, and has been the lead in a short film. He's a sought after actor in the metroplex and has a number of awards celebrating his skills!


First Runway Experience: Greg was first featured on a Runway stage during Sorry, Wrong Chimney and says he knew immediately he wanted to be part of the Runway family. We're glad he is!


Favorite Line: "The new Medusa? My good wife? I haven't kept the great bitch in the keep for the past 20 years out of passionate attachment." - James Goldman in A Lion In Winter