Runway Theatre Hall of Fame


Runway Theatre’s Hall of Fame honors volunteers who have selflessly dedicated themselves through sustained contributions to Runway Theatre in many ways over many years. These individuals are members of Runway Theatre, have been active in the production of our shows as part of cast or crew, have served in leadership positions, have helped with fundraising, and embody the positive characteristics of Runway Theatre. Only one person may be inducted into the Hall of Fame per season.


Runway Theatre - Hall of Fame Members:

Wade Howard, Jr.: Season 7
Phil Scheps: Season 8
Rose Anne Holman: Season 9
Mary Scheps: Season 10
Terri Hagar: Season 11
Phyllis McConnell: Season 12
Judy Bauman Blalock: Season 13
Michael Killingsworth: Season 14
Dottie DiiBon: Season 15
Bud Vanerio: Season 16
Robert Blalock: Season 17
John Paschal: Season 18
Dan Duncan: Season 19
Rick Daussat: Season 20
Patsy Daussat: Season 21
Sherry Etzel: Season 23
John Grissom: Season 25
Julie Aylor: Season 26
Laurie Gore Grissom: Season 27
Greg Kozakis: Season 28
Jeremy Ferman: Season 30
Kenny Green: Season 31
Linda Fullhart: Season 32
Amber Sebastian: Season 33
Misty Baptiste: Season 34

Erin Montgomerry: Season 36
Valerie Armstrong: Season 37