In 1983, a small group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, but a common goal of a desire to establish a community theatre in Grapevine, formed an acting troupe called The End of the Runway Players (ERP). The first productions were rehearsed in a garage and several were performed at the Palace and the Backdoor Theatres.



The group produced five shows in 1983-1984 and mounted their first full season in 1985-1986. In 1986, the ERP became a nonprofit organization and established the Runway Theatre at 217 North Dooley Street as its first permanent home. After a devastating fire destroyed the theatre, the growing group created a "Rebuild the Magic" campaign to build a new theatre two doors down at 215 North Dooley Street. Since then, countless memories have been made as families and friends come together to perform, build set, volunteer, and enjoy live theatre in their community.