"Day" Job: John is a dentist, practicing in Grapevine TX.


Runway Job: John likes to say being the president really just means answering questions and cheering on everyone else in their roles, but we think it's more. John oversees monthly board meetings. production galas, and the body of work the board will accomplish each season. He's long been a champion of Runway Theatre and is a crowd favorite both on and off stage.


Theatre Experience: John has been acting and helping backstage at various theaters in the metroplex since 1998!


First Runway Experience: Runway has been John's “home theater” since 1998. He has acted, been backstage, sat on several committees, and served many terms on the Board of Directors, even serving as President numerous years. Also, John and his wife ae both members of the Runway Theatre Hall of Fame.


Favorite Line: Sure is hot out, hot, hot!” David Bottrell and Jessie Jones in Dearly Departed.