Director of Reservations


Runway Job: To Misty goes the daunting task of ensuring each patron gets their seats for the season, finding the best option for a sold out show, and frequently running the box office itself. As the Director of Reservations, Misty has become a well-known and admired voice for the Runway regulars.


Theatre Experience: Misty has been involved in theatre for over thirty years and was a theatre major at Abilene Christian University. She taught high school theatre for the past twenty years and has so many "theatre babies" pursuing the dream of a creative life...just like their Miss B.


First Runway Experience: Misty first became involved at Runway in 2004 with As it is in Heaven. Since then, she's worn all the hats, including those of an actor, director, technician, stage manager, board member...and anything else needed.


Favorite Line: “After five years in here, Max, you think I know what a woman' s point of view is? I come home at night smelling from cigar smoke, I have to put my dress in a humidor ...I never said a crude word in my life before I came here. But now I go home to my f*cking house and talk to my *cking husband like a *cking sailor ... It's okay. I don't mind. If you lived in France for five years, you'd speak French. But I'm not in France. I'm here so I speak f*ck ...I don't want to be called a woman writer. I want to be called a good writer, and if it means being one of the guys then I'll be one of the guys. I can handle it.”  Neil Simon in Laughter on the Twenty-third Floor


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