Director of Engagement


"Day" Job: As the VP of Ministry Advancement for a global nonprofit, Tripp connects people with their passion and gifts.


Runway Job: Like his day job, Tripp is all about connections. People, for the most part, like people and everyone has a place. Let's help find yours!


Theatre Experience: Tripp started his love affair with theatre in college when he was asked to be in his first show. Little did he know he'd grow to love it - or possibly be obsessed with it - and even met his wife in rehearsal. Although musicals are his first love, he has developed a fondness for plays. He has been both on and off the stage serving as the music director, stage manager, scenic designer, and costumer. Some of his favorite roles have been Jeff in [title of show], Dan in Next to Normal, and Crabble in Fly by Night. 


First Runway Experience: His first experience with Runway was seeing "A Traveling Travesty" where he fell in love with the theatre and the production. Shortly after that, he helped his wife with Miracle on 34th Street and fell even deeper after getting to know the people who make Runway great.


Favorite Line: "We can sail away today on sea of pure moonlight. We can navigate the stars to bring us back home. In a place so far away, we be young that's how we'll stay. Every wish is our command. We will find ourselves in Never, Neverland." Finding Neverland. 


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