Valerie Armstrong, Office Manager


"Day" Job: Valerie has worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer, a Certified Assisted Living Manager and a Red Cross Instructor for the Centre for Neuro Skills, a brain injury rehabilitation facility, for over thirty years. Currently, she is the Training & Development Liaison which allows her to “perform” with her lively and engaging trainings!



Runway Job: Most call her the "house mom" as Valerie manages the office while keepings the theatre clean and organized. In her unique position, she's been able to coordinate projects with several special needs populations who have volunteer at the theatre, creating the best mix of her Runway and professional lives.


Theatre Experience: Valerie started in theatre as a child, and says her mother simply didn’t know what else to do with her! She was a Casa Kid through high school but fell away during college and didn't step onstage again for twenty years. Once she returned, she never left! Since then, Varies has participated in live theatre, staged readings, short films, voice overs and training films for corporations. She loves how these opportunities allow her to be creative and continue to stay alert in the game of life.


Runway Experience: Over fifteen years ago, Valeries performed in her first show at Runway was Dearly Departed, one of many southern comedies she has performed at Runway. She remembers laughing during the audition, the rehearsals and performances as she got to know the skills and comedic talents of many Runway players who she now counts as close friends.  

Since joining the Runway family, she's been involved in many aspects of the theatre including a two turns as a Board Member, as a member of the play selection committee, director selection committee, planning fundraisers, and volunteering during shows; as well as participating in the New Year’s Eve murder mysteries and various plays.



Favorite Line: If idiots grew on trees this place would be an orchard!” and “I’d give you a penny for your thoughts but I’d get back change,” from a JoHoWo southern comedy.