Hannah Ayasse and Co

Hannah Ayasse and Co present scores on listening, the next step in a series of explorations on how to build a firm structure conducive to a fluid body, how to make containers for empathy, and how to stay stable and generous.

Hannah Ayasse is an Oakland born dance artist, collaborator, and educator.  Her creative practice and work orbit around themes of empathy, listening, and interpersonal relationship through story sharing and story connecting. She received a BA in Dance and Psychology from GWU and recently performed in works by Antoine Hunter/UJDC, Lili Weckler|Unhinge, and Maranda Barry. Her choreography and dance films have been shown throughout the Bay Area and Washington DC. www.hannahayasse.com  


Dustin Ordway

Dustin Ordway presents a work-in-progress that was originally inspired by the sculptural process of life-casting and creating replicas of the human body. Ordway addresses how our society is confronted daily with reproductions of the human form, in places ranging from functional architecture to clothing to media. This work proposes that the stark reality of our bodies can be shocking when juxtaposed immediately with these recreations. The presence of this juxtaposition hopes to elucidate that the one material we cannot recreate ourselves in is the organic flesh and blood of our real bodies.

Dustin Ordway is a performance artist and maker of things. Coming from a dance background, he identifies as an interdisciplinary artist, following the medium that most suits the message. Right now he is excited about smashing together sculpture, dance, and physical theater all together in one living vessel.



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Sponsored by RAW (resident artist workshop), a residency program of SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts.