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You can now support individual artists via our website. SAFEhouse provides these artists with FREE space, marketing support, technical support, networking, and so much more. However, these artists still have other expenses, such as costumes, photographers, videographers, paying their dancers, etc. We have set up a fund for each of the artists below. Please consider making a donation to their specific fund. You will have the option to select their name on the second page when submitting your donation. 50% of you donation made this way, will go directly to the artist, the other 50% will go to SAFEhouse in order to support the other resources that we provide for these artists. Thank  you so much for your continued support to Save Art From Extinction! 



Andi Salazar


Bio: Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, Andi Salazar is a dancer, choreographer, and sociologist living in the Bay Area since 2017. She started her professional training at the age of 8 at the Professional Institute School of Modern Music where she was trained in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Jazz for 10 years. She is the founder of Kazé Dance Company, a Contemporary Dance Company located in Santiago, in which she was the Artistic Director and Choreographer for eight years. Since relocating to the Bay Area, Andi obtained her MFA in Dance and Choreography from Mills College and has had the opportunity to perform with Emergence Dance Company, Mogli´s Movers Dance Collective and Mills College Repertory Dance Company, as well as showing her own work along with her recently founded Dance collective "A Pulso Dance Project" in different festivals and showcases in the area like Push Festival 2019 and Spector Dance 2019. 


About their work: This work explores the depth and complexity of human beings as social beings and the need to act according to the expectations of others. In this context, the limit of what feels “correct”, the complexity of social relationships, and the emotional implications of crossing the threshold to more raw and real places, are investigated. What is that “something” in us that is difficult to face and that frightens to socially explore so we hide it trying to please the eyes of others? In this line, this piece tries to embody the complexity of the encounter with our hidden side, with the unseen and the unsaid.


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Dominique Hargrove 


Bio: Born and raised in Chicago, She began training at Chicago high school for the Arts (ChiArts) and Chicago Multi-cultural dance center under Homer Hans Bryant. While in high school she attended Alonzo King LINES ballet summer intensive in 2012, where She then became apart of the four year BFA program in 2013. Graduated in 2017 with honors, she has had the opportunity to work with Amy Seiwert, Keelan Whitmoore, Amanda Miller, Gregory Dawson, Alivia Schaffer, and many more. Additionally she’s worked with artists outside of the BFA including: Sidra Bell, Benjamin Wardell, Penny Saunders, Guy Sharomi, and Kyle Limin. Since graduating, she has worked with Alive and Well Productions, Call-It-Art, Sarah Bush Dance Project, and Brannigan Danceworks. she is currently teaching youth contemporary class at ODC and is excited to expand her voice with other movers in space.


About their work:  "Expansion. Expression. Love. Gratitude. These are the fundamental principles I incorporate in creating work. I believe in having an interdependent relationship. Whether it solo material or working with other dancers, I believe the best research comes from an honest space; a space where mistakes are welcomed and communication is valued. A space where dancers are accountable for their choices and are able to explain clearly and efficiently their process to other movers. Collaboration fuels my process. Gratitude fuels my process. I know I do not have all other answers so I welcome input from dancers and other outside forces (friends, families, and other artists), when I am in need of assistance."


Photo Credit: Connor Bruce


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eMotion Arts Dance Co.


Bio: Directed by Mariana Sobral, eMotion Arts is a Bay Area-based Dance Company with the vision of celebrating Inclusion and Oneness through Arts by bringing together dancers, and artists of different backgrounds and their unique styles and artistic visions. 


About their work: In its third season, eMotion Arts presents “Sombro”, a collaborative work that dwells on individual and collective experiences around mental health. This work is meant to open up a conversation about this subject, helping end the stigma associated with mental health. 


Photo Credit: Kyle Adler


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Es "Delight" Co


Bio: Esra Coskun started dancing in 2013, while she was working towards her PhD in Philosophy and Literature at Purdue University, where she took contact improvisation, modern dance, and ballet classes while writing her dissertation. Her interest in semiotics lead her to experiment with dance composition as she choreographed pieces for Purdue University Dance Department’s student concerts, Obsessive-Compulsive Dance, Purdue Contemporary Dance Company, and UPROAR: the Pole Collective. She joined SAFEhouse Arts as a lead artist in 2017 to start Es "Delight" Co and the "delightful moves" project, where she brings distinct dance forms together in duets with artists who have different dance backgrounds than herself. 


About their work: "I'm interested in creating interdisciplinary works that bring various media and styles together while engaging with different themes. I like to collaborate with artists whose areas of specialization are completely new to me, and create works that merge their styles with mine." 


Photo Credit: Will Crabtree


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Genevieve Rochefort


Bio: A recent graduate from the Alonzo King LINES Training Program, Genevieve has been traveling the past summer choreographing not only in San Francisco, but also in Huntsville TX, Boston MA, and Inwood WV. Recently she has been working as a freelance dancer and choreographer and continues to deepen her connections to the bay area dance scene.  


About their work: Solidifying and manipulating what has already become staples in the creation of an order. As someone who doesn't always feel worthy, to deepen the connection of the movement coming from them and relating to the stage. Playing with augmenting the material to fit the one or two people sharing the moves.


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Gina Stella dell'Assunta

Bio: Gina Stella dell’Assunta is a writer, cultural worker, teacher, and performer from San Francisco, with deep roots in both local & international queer & trans, sex worker, and disability communities. She’s performed and taught everywhere from chapels to leatherbar backrooms to the Ivy Leagues, and her work is anthologized dozens of places, including Sublevel, Foglifter, Sex Still Spoken Here, The Revolution Starts At Home, Take Me There: Trans & Genderqueer Erotica, and Coming & Crying. She is currently at work on How To Have A Body, which is both a book of experimental prose & poetry about the intersections between sexuality & disability; and a solo theatrical show making its SAFEhouse Arts debut January 17th-18th, 2020. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. You can find her online as @queershoulder, and support her work directly at


About their work: How To Have A Body is a multi-media solo theatrical show, based upon Gina Stella dell’Assunta’s highly-anticipated forthcoming book of experimental prose & poetry about the intersections of queerness and disability. Using storytelling, spoken word, ritual, and music, Stella dell’Assunta explores the trials and joys of living in a queer disabled body in San Francisco in 2019. How To Have A Body takes the audience on a journey through public and private spaces: The hustle & bustle of MUNI, BART, the Pride parade, CopWatch, the Welfare office, the Social Security Administration, airports, the haunted streets of San Francisco; and the private, intimate respite of a magical cripple femme bed palace, a rent-controlled studio with fruit trees in the backyard, a long-distance lover’s bedroom, an old friend’s living room, a warm bright kitchen. Consider this a spell, an incantation, an invitation to intimacy, a call to action, a rallying cry.


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Hannah Young & Alex Law


Hannah Young Bio: Hannah Young is a California transplant by way of Idaho. After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Dance at Pomona College, she moved to San Francisco where she’s been lucky in finding a home in the dance community here and a fundraising job at the San Francisco Ballet. She has recently shown work at PUSHFest, SAFEhouse, The Tiny Dance Film Festival, and Bulbfest. She has performed with Alex Law, Stephanie Unger, and Jocelyn Reyes in the Bay Area, and with John Pennington at Pomona College.


Alex Law Bio: Alex Law has been a choreographer, collaborator, and a dance artist for 6 years. She has worked alongside local musicians and continues to expand the breadth of collaboration. She is a two-time RAW resident for Safehouse Arts, performing with local artists, creating dance films, and merging technology and movement through Kinetech Arts.


Photo Credit: Charlie Stellar  


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Kat Flipse


Bio: Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Kat Flipse is attending the University of San Francisco majoring in Performing Arts and Social Justice with a concentration in dance. She is an interdisciplinary artist interested in exploring how dance, music, and theatre can merge to create one product. Kat uses her work to discover how community influences the art we create and to construct safe spaces that encourage artistic decision making. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Kat has trained and performed under the direction of Amie Dowling, Eli Nelson, Natalie Greene, Katie Faulkner, Kara Davis, Dexandro “D” Montalvo, Sharonjean Leeds, and Jennifer Polyocan.


About their work: Inspired by the art of self-portraiture, this work aims to explore what it means to create something in the image of yourself. The process is fueled by questioning how self-image and living in a visual culture intersect, how perception of self influences who we are, and the effects of image representation. The dancers and choreographer work to create an abstraction of personhood and explore what it means to be an individual in a world filled with conformity. 


Photo Credit: Kat Flipse


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Natalya Shoaf


Bio: Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Natalya Shoaf is a freelance dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She believes that embodiment of ideas coupled with individual interpretation can allow movement to serve as a catalyst for truth. Natalya has acquired immense knowledge from participation in Alonzo King LINES BFA program at Dominican University of California. She has been graced with the opportunity to perform works created by, Maurya Kerr, Gregory Dawson, David Harvey, Katie Scherman, Bobbi Jene Smith, Peter Chu, Ohad Naharin, and many more. Natalya has been commissioned by the Oakland Ballet Company to create an original work for their recent show entitled, Jazz Vistas. She was Black Choreographers Festival’s sponsored artist of 2019. Natalya has had her choreography showcased in LEVYsalon (sf) and CHOPSHOP: Bodies of Work (Washington). She has also choreographed for CONBRIO’s (sf native band) latest music video entitled, ‘body language’. She hopes to collaborate with a wide variety of artists as well as travel the world sharing her genuine love for life. Natalya invites you to visit : for more info. 


About their work: "Trust. I am taking a leap of faith — to dive into the deep waters of my being. As I graze over my internal landscape I avoid the floods, the tornadoes in search for the 75 degree, sun out, perfect weather. The deep waters of my emotions are often considered, but take a back seat to logic and reason. I am embarking on this choreographic endeavor to unpack the layers of emotions that I have coaxed to settle. I am taking this leap of faith in creating my own healing. I’m taking this leap of faith for myself, so that I know that I can. "


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Bio: Jesselito Bie moved to the Bay Area in 1992 to dance with the High-Risk Group and has performed with many local companies such as Scott Wells and Dancers, ,Kulintang Arts and Joe Landini. He is a lead artist at Safehouse Arts and co-directs AIRspace, a QTPOC artist residency program.

STEAMROLLER Dance Company creates physically articulate dances that examine how language and mass media shape ideas of race, sexuality and gender. Steamroller’s performances seek to elevate queer and brown bodies and narratives that are typically ignored in mainstream culture. The intersection of artistic and popular culture makes our dances more accessible and our message more palpable.


About their work: STEAMROLLER Dance Company presents Kiki Extravaganza, an immersive, interactive dance theater performance set in the framework of Jesselito's 51 first birthday, Kiki Extravaganza uses dance, music, song and theater to reflect on his long, rich, surprising life. Expect surprise guest appearances from Jesselito's history. The audience may be asked to participate as well. Food and libations will be available, this is a party after all! This is presented as part of a shared evening with Rhea Speights on December 13, 14. 





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United Rhythms


Bio: Brenda Perdue, San Franciscan, 1st generation Mestizo has always enjoyed performing with Saint Kevin's Church Baile Folklorico, Cumbia, Salsa, etc. Brenda studied West African four years with Malonga and Alberta Rose, Afro Haitian and the Dunham Technique, while earning her BA in Criminal Justice at SFSU. Winning 1st place in 2014 Carnaval SF for MCCLA, she was inspired to form United Rhythms SF in 2016 to provide a venue through the art of dance performance to uplift her participants due to her awareness of the need to provide more outlets for self-healing, stress reduction, clarity & inspirational direction.


About their work: Brenda Perdue will be performing for the 1st time as an act demonstrating love, betrayal, hurt, and drive to rise above and reground herself. This will be a spectacular show you don't want to miss. She will incorporate her cultural pride, spiritual guidance and love for the natural forces of Mother Earth to show her transformation of health and strength.  


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