SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS is one of my all time favorite movie musicals. It was the reason why I insisted on getting married in June. Needless to say, I was excited when I heard that Starlight Mountain Theatre was putting on a production of SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS.

After a hour and a half drive from Southern Boise/Nampa area, it was so nice to get up in the fresh outdoors and stretch. My friend and I bought a picnic dinner, however on certain nights you can get dinner and dessert brought up by Sizzlers. When you enter the theatre proper, you can see the hills, trees, and the river. They used the natural setting to help tell this story of the settling of the Northwest.

They start with a bit of a "Green Show". (Small bits to get the audience warmed up and in the mood for the coming show, or upcoming shows). One thing you will notice right off the bat, is that the actors love each other and are performing for the audience because of the love of it.

They sang and danced and had a blast, and they brought the audience along with them.

The costumes were fun and colorful. There wasn't a set so much as their clever use of nature behind the stage, but there were set pieces to help define the different locations.

I had so much fun. The plot followed the movie very closely, however there were a few songs the movie didn't use and my song about marrying in June was not a part of the stage version.

Starlight Mountain Theatre is up in Garden City but they also have campgrounds right next to the theatre. It would make a great weekend to go to the show, walk to your campsite, make some s'mores and go to bed.