Understanding the Natural Horn, or Who Needs Valves Anyway?




The valveless or natural horn developed over many centuries, and with each change came an evolution in musical style and expressive range.  Todd Williams takes you into the very heart of the instrument, showing its construction and differing ways to produce its distinctive sound, so evocative of nature and nostalgic allure.  






Hailed by Gramophone for his “impressive horn playing,” Todd Williams is an active performer and educator based in Philadelphia. A leading exponent of the natural horn, he serves as principal horn of Handel & Haydn Society, Boston Baroque, Trinity Wall Street, Clarion Society, Apollo’s Fire, Mercury, Opera Lafayette, and more. On the modern valved horn, he is a staple of the Philadelphia music scene performing with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Opera and Ballet companies of Philadelphia, the Academy of Vocal Arts, and the Philly Pops. Since 2003, he’s served as solo horn of the opera festival Lyrique-en-Mer, France. He’s recorded for Deutsche Grammophon, RCA/Sony Records, and other labels. Todd is a graduate of Indiana University.





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A movement recognized for its important horn writing, within a larger symphony that forever altered the symphonic landscape.  The horn parts are performed by Todd Williams, Ian Zook, and Brad Tatum. With program notes.




PERFORMANCE: Mozart's Quintet for Horn and Strings, K. 407

Performed at a free noon concert in 2019, Mozart's Horn Quintet features a unique scoring for horn, violin, two violas, and cello.  Todd Williams is joined by Ingrid Matthews, Kyle Miller, Gesa Kordes, and Michael Unterman. Includes program notes.




PERFORMANCE: "Quoniam tu solus" from Bach's Mass in B Minor

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VIDEO PERFORMANCE: Schubert's "Unfinished" Symphony in B Minor

Carsten Schmidt directs a period instrument performance of Schubert's Symphony No. 8 in B Minor--the so-called "Unfinished" because Schubert did not complete more than the first two movements before his death. In HD with program notes.




VIDEO PERFORMANCE: Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 in F 

As Ed Matthew points out, classical clarinets have an important role to play in Beethoven's Eighth Symphony for orchestra.  Enjoy a complete period-instrument performance recorded in HD. Program notes included.