Postcards from the World

During the summer of 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic forced nearly all cultural organizations to cancel or postpone planned events, Staunton Music Festival reached out to dozens of its friends. The results are documented in the Perspectives video series, as well as a collection of informal "postcards" from musicians and friends around the world.  We hope you enjoy catching up with familiar faces, at home, as they cope with a summer of unexpected changes in plans...






Jofre Performs Transcendence for Bandoneon

While spending the summer with friends and family in South Korea, Jofre recorded this video performance of an original composition, Transcendence.  Inspired by the bandoneon's sacred origins, this brief solo work demonstrates the bandoneon's expressive and coloristic range.




Gardens, Art, and "Tonic" Notes with Kris Kwapis, Seattle

In addition to her busy teaching and performing schedule, Kris maintains a sideline passion for art--specifically working with encaustic media.  Art and gardening and a truly unique tonic recipe make this a delightful postcard from the West Coast!




Zachary Wadsworth at Home in New York

While teaching at Williams College in western Massachusetts, Zachary Wadsworth sends a short postcard from his home in Troy, NY. A familiar face at SMF concerts since his debut in 2011, Zach talks about his rewarding experiences teaching and living near Williams College.




Carsten Schmidt and Blue in Staunton

Staunton Music Festival artistic director Carsten Schmidt checks in alongside new friend Blue from Staunton, Virginia during the summer of 2020.  Rather than traveling and preparing concerts, Carsten has helped to pull together the Perspectives video series and contributes several on fugues.



James Tenney's Crystal Canon (original performance)

Despite the inability to perform in the same space, four percussionists gather virtually to perform Tenney's Crystal Canon for four snare drums. Recorded in May 2020 by I-Jen Fang, Brian Smith, Casey Cangelosi, and Eric Guinivan.  




Antti, Minna, and Family from Helsinki

Finnish violinists Antti Tikkanen and Minna Pensola have been familiar and beloved faces at Staunton Music Festival since 2013. Often arriving here with daughters in tow, the couple take a moment during the pandemic shutdown to say hello from home in Helsinki. 




Meet Happenstance Theater

For the 2017 August season, Staunton Music Festival was proud to partner with Happenstance Theater, an innovative (but also historically informed) performing group. Happenstance provided their visual artistry in numerous SMF performances.  In this Postcard, co-founders Sabrina Mandell and Mark Jaster recall those productions.  



Stefan Heucke from Bochum, Germany

In June 2020, Stefan Heucke, Staunton Music Festival composer-in-residence on multiple occasions, sends greetings from his home in Bochum, Germany--also the birthplace of festival artistic director Carsten Schmidt.