Main Stage


Telluride Theatre's Main Stage productions are fully realized shows that play on the big stages of Telluride. We perform at The Sheridan Opera House, The Michael D. Palm Theatre, The Bob Saunder's Memorial Theatre, Town Park Stage, The Ah Haa School, various other venues & site-specific work in town.  Main Stage productions run the artistic spectrum -  from original work to Shakespeare in the Park, from Burlesque to musical theatre. 



Burlesque - Calendar Girls


Dinner with Dionysus


The Taming of the Shrew




Peter & The Starcatcher



The Off

The Off

is Telluride Theatre's program that is smaller events that have a BIG impact on our community. Most of them are FREE (and if not free, then affordable) and open to public. Instead of a big full production they are nights of intimate performance without the bells & whistles. 


The Downlow

A Storytelling Series

Game Show Night

Your favorite games, reimagined

Bear It!

Black Bear Awareness Week

The Play's the Thing

A Reading Series


A Night of Connection

Super Secret Comedy Cellar

coming soon...


Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box

is a new performance/workshop series that brings incredible performance from outside theatre makers to Telluride.  Started in 2018, it is a way for Telluride Theatre to make connections with the outside theatre world, provide space for workshops and host world-class performance for our community. 

Cannabis The Musical

Soul Incribed

Consider This

Theatre Grottesco

Theatre Worskhop

Raina Von Waldenburg