Preservation of Historic Curtain & Archives Collection::

First seen by audiences on opening night in 1858, the original front curtain that graced our stage is now fully restored. You can see this priceless work of art hanging in our lobby as an enduring reminder of the excellence this theater represents.  Our curtain, an actual painting by renowned Philadelphia artist Russell Smith (1812-1892)  represents the threads that bind generations of theatergoers who support this magical Wilmington landmark. It is the canvass upon which we paint our future hopes and dreams.


The Thalian Hall Archives is the most comprehensive theatre archives focusing on Wilmington and eastern North Carolina. The collection provides a unique opportunity to interpret he importance of theatre in the context of Wilmington’s economic and social history. Like our one-of-a-kind curtain, our theater building itself and its many historical artifacts must be maintained for future generations.  


While paying tribute to our past, we never lose sight of the future. We remain steadfast in our efforts to attract a new generation of Thalian Hall enthusiasts- like you! This year, with your help, our goal is to raise $20,000 for a protective curtain display, fireproof storage, digitization, and conversion of materials no longer readable due to the outdated format, acid free enclosures and the binding of documents.


Pied Piper Children’s Theatre:

Growing an audience from the ground up is the philosophy behind Thalian Hall’s very successful children’s program.


Year after year, we see the wide- eyed reactions of 1st and 2nd grade students who are often seeing their very first play in a real
theater.  “I liked the costumes.” - Kate, 1st grade  “The music and dancing was fun.” – Lila, 2nd grade


At the start of the school year, elementary teachers in New Hanover County receive a synopsis of the play we’ve selected for this age group. They also get a copy of the songs that can be taught by music instructors. That way, when the children arrive, they’re already familiar with the play they’re about to see. We leave it up to our talented local artists, actors, technical staff, set designers and builders to stage the magic.


The curtain is about to go up and the Pied Piper is calling.  It's time to usher in a new generation here at Thalian Hall.  Don't you want to be a part of this life-changing program? You can! We think you'll agree, the indeliable impressions we instill in these children and their excitement for the arts are worth every penny.



You’ve probably heard the saying, “Great things come in small Packages.” That is certainly true with the lively, interactive, experience now awaiting you upstairs at Thalian Hall. Audiences are treated to an up close and personal experience in the renovated Ruth and Bucky Stein Theater. The comfortable seat space is intended to bring you closer to the actors and the action. In this intimate setting, you may actually feel yourself becoming part of the production!


With this gem of a theatrical space we are able to attract and showcase high quality material presented by talented artists in the best tradition of Thalian Hall. Due to the many facets of performance that are possible, we call these plays a THCPA CUBE Production.


Support from the donor community helps provide a quality production with the highest standards of execution in this specific theatrical space with its limited seating - an integral part of the THCPA CUBE experience.


General Operations:

It takes funds to keep Thalian Hall open to provide quality performing arts and rental space at affordable prices to the community. Donating to general operating expenses will help us to attract high quality performers, make needed building repairs and continue to expand our programs and education to the Greater Cape Fear Region. Unrestricted funds are needed to keep the doors open and we can’t do it without your help. If you are interested in the general support of Thalian Hall, please consider making a gift to general operating expenses.



Establish your legacy with Thalian Hall’s endowment. A gift to the endowment is an investment in securing the future of this historic theatre. It allows performing arts programming to grow as well as creates a foundation to have more capital for future building projects.


A gift to the endowment is a gift that keeps giving well into the future and is so important to our community.