2 Artists Enter – One Artist Leaves

(Then the other artist leaves a little while later after cleaning off their paintbrushes…)


Easel Wars is a “Iron Chef meets Bob Ross” style competition between two local artists raising money for the Grand Opera House. 


Each artist will paint once on their own,then in the finale they will go head-to-head. Each painting created will be raffled off as a fundraiser for the Grand Opera House.


We will be selling tickets for a small live audience and streaming each painting performance so patrons can watch these works of art being created live.


If you love a painting you will be able to enter the raffle to win it by donating at least $10 to the theater into the artist’s campaign. For each $10 donated the donor will be entered 1 time to win the painting. (Donate $50 – you are entered 5 times, donate $100 – you are entered 10 times, etc.) Each artist’s campaign will be live during their painting performance and for 4 days following the performance. A winner will be drawn on the Monday after each performance.


Meet the Artists:

Jon Little and Emily Anderson are two acclaimed local artists – and both are regular volunteers at the Grand Opera House. They have spent countless hours working with our technical director to create new worlds on our stage out of paint and wood.


Jon Little is the man behind the paintbrush on such shows as Shrek and Mary Poppins. He has created incredible works of art on a large scale to bring our stage to life, and under his tutelage many of our volunteers and interns have learned basic set painting skills.  






You can win the painting created on 10/14. Donate to Jon's Campaign by the end of the day 10/18/2020 at: http://bit.ly/EaselWarsJon a winner will be selected on Monday 10/19/2020.





Emily Anderson is a performer and props person on many of our shows. You recently saw some of her artwork in Mary Poppins as Bert’s chalk paintings and on the train in Murder on the Orient Express. 




You can win the painting created on 10/14. Donate to Emily's Campaign by the end of the day 10/18/2020 at: http://bit.ly/EaselWarsEmily a winner will be selected on Monday 10/19/2020.







Wednesday, September 16th – Jon Paints
Wednesday, September 23rd – Emily Paints
Wednesday, October 14th – Head-to-Head Finale


Tickets for the Live Audience $10