Coaching Sessions


Do you have a big audition coming up? Do you need extra work on a script? We offer outstanding one-on-one coaching sessions with Doug Jarecki, WCT's Education & Outreach Administrator and a professional actor, to meet your needs. Coaching sessions last approximately 45 minutes, and we can work with you to schedule times that fit into your busy day.


In our coaching sessions, we will work with you in a supportive and helpful environment. If you have an audition coming up, we can provide you with invaluable insight and help you feel your best about your audition piece. It's about more than just learning the monologue, it's about being able to present yourself in the best way possible at the audition. We help you avoid some of the common audition mistakes, and make sure you are ready. Whether you want to learn a monologue, understand audition technique, or just want to run lines, we can help you.

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