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Black Hawk Children’s Theatre is casting

The Princess and the Pea

By Michelle Vaca

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s story)


Audition Dates:
Saturday, Dec. 9 at 1:00           
Wednesday, December 13 at 6:00                   

Tentative Callback Date: Saturday, December 17

Production Dates: February 16-24, 2018 (includes two days of school day performances)


This Hans Christian Andersen classic has an extended cast of quirky characters to provide opportunities for actors from 10 –Adult.

It is time for Prince Valiant to find a Queen. When he sets off with the best wishes of his father, King Maximillian and Old Queen Maude, his grandmother, he is ill-prepared for the many odd, funny, unusual, and downright annoying Princesses he will meet. After his adventures, Valiant returns home without a Queen. What is the kingdom to do?!

Soon after, in the midst of a great storm, Princess Olivia arrives at the door. Nearly drowned and seeking shelter, she and Valiant strike a friendship to rival friendships. They like each other – she claims to be a Princess – what a great match! Old Queen Maude, however, insists that she pass the Real Princess Test first.

Will Olivia become the next Queen of Maxwell-by-the-Sea?



KING MAXIMILLIAN (Male, 18+) King of Maxwell-by-the-Sea. He is kind though absent-minded.


PRINCE VALIANT (Male, 14+) Valiant is sweet and he tries to do what everyone expects of him though he really wants to find a princess he is compatible with.


OLD QUEEN MAUDE (Female, 10+) The Queen Mother; mother the King and Grandmother to the Prince. She is energetic and bossy but everyone likes and respects her.


DONALD DUNCE (Male, 10+) Squire to Prince Valiant, Donald is cheerful and pleasant. He is loyal to Valiant


PRINCESS OLIVIA of BOLIVIA (Female, 13+) Down to the Earth and honest. She is quirky but sweet and she is the perfect match for Valiant.


LADY HILDEGARDE (Female, 10+) Lady-In-Waiting to Princess Olivia. She is kind and sweet. She is the perfect match for Donald.


LADY LILLI (Female, 10+) Keeper of the Royal Tiara. Lady-In Waiting to the Queen. Lilli is very concerned with doing her duty.


LADY LIZZIE (Female, 10+) Keeper of the Royal Gloves. Lady-In Waiting to the Queen. Lizzie works very diligently to do her job.


LADY LULU (Female, 10+) Keeper of the Royal Handkerchief. Lady-In Waiting to the Queen. Lulu is industrious and wants to fulfill her obligation to the Queen Mother


SIR/LADY SWAGGER (Either, 10+) A Knight. Brave but bumbling. Swagger is obsessed with duties.


SIR/LADY SQUINT (Either, 10+) A Knight, courageous but clumsy. Squint is obsessed with obligations.


SIR/LADY STONEWALL (Either, 10+) A Knight, intrepid but inept. Stonewall is obsessed with prestige.


JACKIE the JESTER (Either, 10+) Not a bad jester but a horrible musician; yearns to be a serious minstrel.


MILDRED (Female, 10+) Castle servant, good-natured, hard-working but a bit sassy.


ETHELRED (Female, 10+) Castle servant, also good natured and hard-working and also a bit sassy


ALFRED (Either, 10+) Castle servant, cheerful, thorough, sensible, and a bit sassy.


ESMERALDA SMYTH (Female, 12+) the Wisest Gypsy in the Kingdom. She is no-nonsense and truthful but not unkind. She tries to be a matchmaker for Samantha and Prince Valiant.


SAMANTHA (Female, 13+) Esmeralda’s Cousin; She is kind though a little naïve. Interested in being Princess


PRINCESS MINERVA the MARVELOUS of MARVEE (Female, 12+) She is much more interested in books and learning than being a Queen to Prince Valiant. She knows many big words and is quite proud of it.


PRINCESS DIANA DINGALING of DINGDONG (Female, 12+) Diana is like a butterfly flitting around teasing valiant and Donald. She loves to dance and have people dance with her.


PRINCES BEAULAH the BEAUTIFUL of BURGUNDY (Female, 12+) Beaulah is more concerned with updating her look than making a real connection with someone. She is beautiful and she knows it.


PRINCESS STELLA the STRONG of SLOBOVIA (Female, 12+) Stella is a work-out Princess. She loves the gym, lifting weights, and more time at the gym.


ROSEBUD & BLUEBELL (Female, 10+) Licensed and certified good fairies who stand outside the brambles at Sleeping Beauty’s castle. They are truthful and competent.

PRINCESS PURITY of SPOTLESS (Female, 12+) Purity is obsessed with cleanliness. REALLY! Obsessed with cleanliness.


MOPPE & GLOW (Either, 10+) Purity’s cleaning staff. They are tasked with the impossible task of keeping it clean enough for Purity.


PRINCESS ALLERGICA of HYPOCHONDRIA (Female, 12+) Allergica is allergic to everything. Everything makes her sneeze.


PRINCESS BARBIETTE of TINSILICON in the PINK VALLEY ((Female, 12+) Barbiette is a snobby princess with an unusual manner of speaking. She can’t go anywhere without her posse, the Barbiettes.


THE BARBIETTES (Female, 11+) Barbiette’s Ladies-In –Waiting. The Barbiettes are like a back-up group to Barbiette. They agree with everything she says and laugh at everything she finds funny.


PRINCESS ZEBRINA of the PLANET ZEBRON in the ZYNET GALAXY (Female, 12+) An alien. She has chosen Valiant as her “significant marital unit.”


THE ZINGONS (Either 11+) Zebrina’s sidekicks. They are also aliens.




Auditions will be held in the WCP/BHCT Walker Building at 224 Commercial Street in Waterloo. Interested individuals need only attend one audition session. Neither experience nor membership is required to audition.

Auditions will consist of simple theatre games and reading selections from the script.

Actors are highly encouraged to read the play before auditions. Scripts are available for a week-long perusal with a $10 deposit. Please stop by the WCP/BHCT Walker Building during normal business hours (Tuesday-Friday, 10:00am - 6:00pm) to pick up a script.

WCP/BHCT is committed to a policy of open auditions. Our success depends on the full participation of talented people, regardless of their race, creed, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Questions? Call 319-235-0367 or email



Wednesday, January 31 at 6:00
Sunday, February 4 at 1:00


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Friday, March 30 at 7:00
 Saturday, March 31 at 1:00

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