Do you believe in magic? We do!

People have been making magic at our community theatre since 1916. 


For weeks before the curtain first rises, our talented artists and volunteers are hard at work. Expression begins to take shape through the work of a professional staff who provides artistic vision and leadership; designs sets, costumes, lights and sound; educates volunteers, and brings concepts into reality. Volunteers work as carpenters, painters, tailors, makeup artists and more under the direction of a unified production team. These crews work to make sure every detail is right while actors rehearse with the director.


It's exciting, it's demanding, it's exhausting and it's worth it! Why? Because it takes a community filled with imaginative, spirited, visionary artists to make the magic of theatre happen.


But the magic can't happen without your help.


Ticket sales cover less than half of production costs. Your generous support helps WCP/BHCT fulfill its mission to entertain, educate and engage.

  • Entertain - To move people by making them smile, sing, laugh, and cry. Our productions change lives.
  • Educate - To grow the appreciation of the dramatic arts through the magic of live theatre. It's up to us to ensure it's here for future generations to enjoy.
  • Engage - To give members of our community a place to share their talents both onstage and offstage. We give them an opportunity to shine.



This is a community theatre -- for the community, by the community. Donors are an integral part of our community. As a donor you help ensure that artists and volunteers can continue working together with one goal in mind: to create memorable, quality theatre for all to enjoy.


Please join the WCP/BHCT community so that together we can keep making the magic that is live theatre.


WCP/BHCT is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation and your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law. Thank you for your support!