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Ushers and House Managers

* Help seat patrons for performances


* Aiding with office work

Teaching Opportunities: Children's Theatre

* Work with Black Hawk Children's Theatre high school acting troupe or Junior Players on different theatrical skills, i.e.: juggling, improv, or scene study.
* Work with the Brownies and Girl Scouts helping them to earn badges.



* The measuring, patterning, alteration and/or construction of costumes under the supervision of the staff Designer and Costumer. Variable time commitment.
* Participating as a crew member. Helping actors with quick changes and providing care and repair to production costumes.
Light & Sound
* Hanging, gelling, focusing and plugging lighting instruments. Locating and preparation of appropriate sound effects under the supervision of the Designer.
* Participating as an operator of the master light board, sound board, follow spots and special effects.
* Applying and assisting in the application of makeup under the supervision of the Designer. Styling hair for each performance.
* Set up and restocking of makeup.
Production Assistant
* Note taker to the production's Director. One evening or several.
* Find and transport properties (items handled by actors) to the Playhouse.
* Participate as a crew member by arranging, repairing and replenishing props for each performance.
Set Construction
* Aid in the construction of scenery under the supervision of the Designer and Technical Director. Variable time commitment.
Set Painting
Aid in the painting of scenery under the supervision of the Designer and Technical Director. Variable time commitment.
Stage Manager & Assistant Stage Manager
* Run performances and call cues for a production. Must also attend most rehearsals to prompt actors.
* ASM assists in running the performances calling some cues. Must attend most rehearsals and all performances.
* Acting as a crew member to move scenery during some rehearsals and performances.
Call the Business Office at (319) 235-0367 for more details