Whittier Community Theatre Committees

Directors Selection Committee:  Using WCT guidelines, after the Board has approved the slate of plays for the following season, this committee selects a list of directors to submit for Board approval.

Historical Committee:  This committee is responsible for all our memories and treasures, maintaining scrapbooks of programs, newspaper articles and photos.

Hospitality Committee: This committee is responsible for running the snack booth at shows and providing refreshments for all WCT events.

Membership Committee:  This committee solicits and welcomes new members to WCT.

Play Selection Committee:  Welcoming suggestions from Board members, patrons, directors, etc., this committee reads and researches plays, taking into consideration casting or production difficulties, all costs that would be involved, and appropriateness for our audiences, to come up with a suggested slate to present to the Board for approval.

Program Ads Committee:  This committee solicits ads, which pay for the printing of the program.

Publicity Committee:  This committee is responsible for seeing that WCT and all of our shows are publicized, maintaining contact with local newspapers and researching other possible media outlets (radio, electronic boards, etc.) for possible publicity opportunities.

Set Construction Committee:  Come to our workdays and help in the construction of the sets.  If you sign up for this committee, you’ll receive notification of workdays.  Those who work on the set receive two comps.

Wardrobe/Props/Stagecraft Committee:  This committee is responsible for procuring and maintaining costumes, props, etc., and for helping to keep our storage area and stagecraft in good condition.