If you have an emergency and need to be in touch with WSYO, please contact Faith Scholfield 519-992-2269.


Music for May concert will be uploaded this afternoon. 





Welcome Letter from Mr. Wiley!


2018-2019 Organization Handbook  - This handbook should help answer many of the questions you have. If it does not, please do not hesitate to be in contact with Mr. Wiley (dwiley@windsorsymphony.com).


Are you interested in taking an active leadership role in WSYOs and earning some community service credit hours? The young leaders will be responsible for helping to shape the experience of the organization!  Any interested parties should fill out a Leadership Application Form and return (or email) it to Mr. Wiley by September 15th.


WSYO Auditions - see audition page. Auditions for seating will be held in September 1st and 8th!



Mr. Wiley's Contact Information:

Daniel Wiley - dwiley@windsorsymphony.com

Phone: 519-973-1238 Ext. 28


All musicians - please come prepared to rehearsals - pencil, music, stand, equipment, and having practiced your music!









































WSYO Clarinets - Part assignment:
Radetzky March - Edward, Henning and Mateo on 1st
Haydn - Edward on 1st throughout. Movements 1+2 -Henning and Mateo on 1st; Movements 3+4 - Henderson and Yujin on 1st
Schubert - Henderson, Edward and Mateo on 1st

Barycentre - Henderson on 1st.
Defend us in Battle - Henderson on 2nd.
The Lookback - Yujin and Henderson on 1st, Edward and Henning on 2nd. 
Magic Army Overture - Edward and Henning on solo/marching part, Then Yujin on 1st, Henderson on 2nd. 
Rhythmicization - Henderson on 2nd.

WSYO flutes - Part assignment for Magic Army Overture - Doris and Anumita on solo/marching part, Prasanna on 1st,
Catherine and Jessica on 2nd. 

WSYO percussion - Part assignment

Barycentre - Joshua timp, Andrew bongos, Julian other (vibr., trgl., wb, brake drum)
Defend us in Battle - Joshua timp/crotales, Andrew perc. 1 (gl., chimes, trgl.) Julian perc. 2 (gl., cym, sd, bd)
The Lookback - Joshua timp, Andrew perc. 1 (sd, xyl.), Julian perc. 2 (sc, vibr.)
Magic Army Overture - Joshua timp, Andrew sd, Julian trgl.
Rhythmicization - Joshua perc. 1 (timp/ cym, Andrew perc. 2 (sd, trgl, bd, cym), Julian perc. 3(chimes, vibr., gl., trgl., xyl.)