We thank the following for their generous donation during the first phase of WLT's Restoration Campaign.



ANGELS ($50k+)

Peter and Jane Kafitz Trust Fund*


AUTHORS ($30k-$49,999)

Marjorie and John Lewis
Preservation of Historic Winchester
Rotary Club of Winchester


PRODUCERS ($10k-$29,999)

In Memory of my beloved husband, Martin W. Robertson
Sara and Vance Gomez
Joan Scorgie
Henry and Nancy Ticknor


DIRECTORS ($5k-$9,999)

Adams Family Foundation
Barbara Swink


SET DESIGNERS ($2,500-$4,999)

Chris and Jack Frear
Mark Kline
Don and Bernadette Miller
Steve and Ellen Nichols
Valerie and Chuck O'Keeffe*
Mary S. and James T. Riley
George and Jeanne Schember
Tamson Stone-Conrad
Donald and Dolly Vachon


STAGE MANAGERS ($1k-$2,499)

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Allder
In Memory of June S. Babb
George and Liz Bagley
Pamela Anne Bell
H K Benham III
Richard Bennett and Rhonda Morris
Perry Crabill Jr.
Barbara Woore Devers
Christopher Ferguson
Jim and Kendra Getaz
Sam and Gail Long
Mark and Sandra Lore*
Karen Majarov*
Barbara McAleer
Nellie L. McCabe
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Merkel*
In Memory of H. Theron "Ron" Morris, Jr.
Randy and Brooke Moulton
In Memory of Roger Rowell
John G. Russell III
Beverly and Donald Sears
Stephanie and Jerry Tracy*
Bob Wade and Jeanne Krohn
Dot and Tom Wallace
William Westgard


PROPS MASTERS ($100-$999)

Ray and Abriloa
Kathy Adams
Sally Anderson and Jeffrey Schwartz*
Anonymous* (7)
Theresa Apple
Elizabeth Arnett
Frances and William Averitt
Kimberli Ball
David Barbee and 'Connie Condrell
Nancy Baughman
In Memory of Tristan Long 
In Memory of Norris "Buck" Bean
Joseph and Jane Beaudoin
Lillin Brewer
Stephen and Nancy Brown
Elizabeth Browning
Margaret Bruhn
Dr. Peter Bullough
David Burks
James Carter
Betty Cleland
Mr. and Mrs. David Cooper
Larry and Sue Correll
Ronald and Dorothy Cox
James Crowley III
Mrs. Charlotte and Charles Culler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cunningham
Nancy De Meo
John and Virginia DePollo
Marie Dexter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Elliott
Amy Fielder
Elizabeth Gaona
Dr. and Mrs. Hunter M. Gaunt Jr.
Kristen Goff
Barbara Greco
Mr. and Mrs. William Groah
William Hannaford
Betty Lou Hatfield
Mr. and Mrs. William Heavner*
Roger and Linda Henderberg
Melanie Henry
Thomas Hickman
Rita and Paul Holly
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hott
Mr. and Mrs. James Huttar*
Susanne Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. William Jarvis
Paulette Jennis
Debra Johnson
Stephen and Loretta Johnston
Maida Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kalbach
Kathryn C. Kendall
Mary L. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Kincannon
Jan Kirby
Douglas Kirk
Kittlaus Family*
Conrad and Robin Koneczny
Jim and Barbara Laidlaw
James H. Laster
Alicia Lewis
In Honor of Marjorie and John Lewis
David Logan
Pat Markland
William Markland
Margaret Schad and Rex Marshall
Janet Maucione
Jeannemarie McPhee
Eleanor Monahan
Nancy Morris
National Railway Historical Society
Edgar and Dolores Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nesbit
Cookie and Doanld Oates
Randy and Roxie Orndorff
Mary and Aubrey Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Passerini
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Patton
Holly Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. James Petrie
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Polling
Linda Pomfrey
Linda Poole
James and Susanne Price
Mr. and Mrs. David Ray
Joseph Reiff
Larry Renner
Michael S. Resan*
Mr. and Mrs. Stevan Resan*
Robert and Marrea Riggs
Norma J. Riley*
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rodgers
Elaine Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. James Ruos
In Memory of Lynn Sams
Donna Sandin
Drs. Joseph and Andrea Schmitt
Carla and Dannie Scott 
Patricia Shiley
David and Cathy Shore
Bill and Pam Singer
Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Skidmore
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Smith 
Rachel Smith*
Marilyn Stearns
Eloise Strader
In Memory of Eloise Strader
Steve Surber and Gina Sullivan
Vonderene Swigart*
In Memory of Barbara Swink
Karen Taylor
William Taylor
David Thalman
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Treece
Charles Uphaus
Amy Urbanski
Margaret Vorous
Mr. and Mrs. David Warner
Debbie Whitehurst
Mr. and Mrs. Durbin Williams
June Wilmot
Kathy and Oak Winters
Dr. Patrick Woznak
Judith Wynne
Randall Zook



Ed and Sherry Nay Acker
Susan Adamkiewicz
Melissa Allegra
In Honor of Gene Babb
In Memory of Gene and June Babb
Joe Barry
Nancy Baughman
Ralph and Mary Bloom
Mathew Blum
Linda Bowman
Nancy Braswell
Janice Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Burkhart
Ashley Burns
Charlotte Connell
Cheryl Conras
Dori Cutrona
Mary Daylor
Tammy D'elia
Michael Didawick
Ethel Doherty
Thomas Dugger
Janet Eckhouse
Patricia Falls 
Cathy Fouse
Alyssa Fricke
Craig Miles and Kristina Miles
Debra Godwin
Marilu Gordon
Patricia Grosso
Mike Hall
Douglas Hammond
Sandra Hatch
Anne W. Herren
Heather Hilleary
Frank Hinkle
Richard Holloway
Sandra Hulver
Mary Jackson
Junior Century Club
Maura Keener
Ronald Kelm
Pamela Lam
Jane Lambert
Bonita Lemarr
In Memory of John Lewis and Gene Babb
Richard Lewis
Stephen Locke
Max Mandel
Julia Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Winston May
Jmes McCarter
Dia Linn McCarter
Wayne McCaughey
Lara McInerney
Johnathan and Jacqueline Melick
Ellen Morgan
Harold Mowery
Dianne Murphy
Barbara Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Nerganis
Christine Newby
Jeffrey Newman
Heather O'Callaghan
Christine O'Donnell
Diane O'Donnell
Mary Olien
Stephen Ortego
Richard and Carolynne Pell
Mochelle Phelps
Susan Platt
Jordan Pugh
Jim Rieger
Leah Robinson
Terry Robinson
Brenda Sager
In Memory of Lynn Sams (4)
Maria Saunders
Lavinia Schoene
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Selzer
Lon Seward
J. Craig Sewell
Kathleen Shaner
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Sharp
Cynthia Solenberger
Wayne Spencer
Ruby Stotler
Tina Stowell
Ms. Jane Sweeney
Robin Pedlar and Michael Sweeney
Stephen and Susann Swim
In Memory of Barbara Swink
Danielle and Bob Tyler
Jason Van Heukelum
Vantage Mediation, LLC
Joel Wentlent 
Janet Yang